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Web-based testing

Conduct virtual research and test participants online

Web-Based Testing functionality enabling the remote testing of cognition is now an essential part of cognitive research. Allowing participants to complete assessments via an online platform in the comfort of their home and on their own device is more important now than ever following the impact of Covid-19.

The CANTAB Web-Based Testing feature enables participants to complete the world’s most validated cognitive assessment software on their own devices and without supervision. This provides researchers with a quick and cost-effective means of collecting valuable data from participants who otherwise may not be able to partake in in-clinic testing.

Benefits of CANTAB Web-Based Testing:

  • Wider participant populations can be reached & assessed with ease
  • Save time and make testing more convenient for participants & study teams
  • Accelerate data collection
  • Reduce study running costs
  • Available in over 40 languages

Experience the CANTAB Connect Web-based testing feature for yourself

CANTAB Web-Based Testing Demo 

With Web-Based Testing there are many factors to consider, and our science and operations teams are here with experience in all variations of virtual assessment to guide you through every step.

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Web-Based Testing Features:

Configurable demographic data collection

Clear on-screen & voice-over instructions

Automated & standardised test administration

Data quality maintained with task adherence checks

Secure HTTPS data encryption & HIPAA/GDPR and SOC II-certified data storage

Wide browser compatibility



Our electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) measures provide efficient, standardised and secure electronic data capture measures direct to study participants on tablet, desktop and laptop devices with instant access to global study data in a centralised location.

ePROs are configured to meet exact protocol requirements incorporating patient diaries, reports and outcome measures, questionnaires and ratings scales in multiple languages.

  • Rapid patient-reported outcome profiling
  • Simple, scalable touchscreen electronic data capture
  • Inbuilt notifications module schedules email and SMS alerts to participants to increase compliance
  • HIPAA and SOC II certified data centre using HTTPS encryption
  • On-demand data access with optional custom reports 
  • 24/7 technical support

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