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Web-based testing

Conduct virtual research and test participants online

With CANTAB Web-Based Testing, participants can complete the world’s most validated cognitive assessment software on their own devices and unsupervised.

This solution offers a quick and cost-effective means of collecting valuable data from participants who otherwise may not be able to partake in in-clinic testing.

Try CANTAB Web-Based Testing for yourself 


Web-Based Testing Features:

Configurable questionnaires & scales 

Clear on-screen & voice-over instructions

Automated & standardised test administration

Data quality maintained with task adherence checks

Secure HTTPS data encryption & HIPAA/GDPR and SOC II-certified data storage

Wide browser compatibility


Benefits of Web-Based Testing:

  • Wider participant populations can be reached & assessed with ease
  • Save time and make testing more convenient for participants & study teams
  • Accelerate data collection
  • Reduce study running costs
  • Available in over 40 languages


CANTAB Connect is Trusted Worldwide 

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