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CANTAB BrainHealth

CANTAB BrainHealth is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use online digital health assessment tool to measure and monitor mental wellbeing and cognitive performance in the workplace, enabling employees and businesses to thrive.

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Employee mental health and wellbeing are key to workplace performance. With increasing levels of anxiety, stress and depression, employers are losing billions due to sta­ff being less productive, less eff­ective, or off­ sick1.

The resulting costs are huge. Issues aff­ecting mental health and wellbeing amount to an average cost of $1,600 for every employee­, not just those who are ill2.

To improve workplace performance and health, government reports recommend employers routinely monitor employee mental health and wellbeing.

Assessing mental wellbeing in the workplace with CANTAB BrainHealth enables employers to:

  • Reduce business risks, the costs of absenteeism and productivity loss
  • Support improved job performance in the workplace
  • Track progress and provide timely intervention when needed
  • Keep sta­ff healthy and performing at their peak

Clinically validated mental health scales measure employee wellbeing


Cognitive tests objectively assess key workplace skills that may be affected by mental health


Results are instantly available to the health provider and presented in clear, interpreted reports to allow for performance review and tracking over time


Actionable next steps, advice and guidance is provided by experienced health professionals


Assessments run automatically and can be delivered without training or completed online without supervision, freeing up consultation time to discuss results and next steps


Online access via Mac, PC or tablet, secure cloud storage and EMR system integration makes CANTAB BrainHealth easy to access and incorporate into existing occupational health services


The objective mood and cognition assessments are sensitive to the potential presence of an underlying mental health condition, facilitating early intervention before productivity and performance are impacted.

The result is not only good for a company's bottom line, it promotes a workplace culture of care that has the potential of reducing the costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and high staff turnover.

Dr Jenny Brockis, Independent Brain Health and Workplace Performance Consultant

Measuring wellbeing is beneficial to establish wellbeing strategies, targeting the areas most in need, and for employees to take positive action to improve their own health and wellbeing, driving up employee wellbeing as a whole.

Christian van Stolk, Vice President, RAND


1 Stevenson, D., & Farmer, P. (2017). Thriving at work: The independent review of mental health and employers.

2 Stewart et al. (2013). Lost Productive Time and Cost Due to Common Conditions in the US Workforce. JAMA. 2003;290(18):2443–2454.

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