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CANTAB Insight

Digital cognitive health assessment

Impaired cognitive health can affect our performance, judgement and decision-making in all aspects of life. It can be caused by many factors, including stress, anxiety, lifestyle, environment and medication. If identified early, problems can be managed and the right steps taken to improve cognitive performance.

Validated by 30 years of leading neuroscience, CANTAB Insight is a sensitive medical device that helps to determine an individual’s cognitive health across five key domains and includes an integrated depression scale to assess the current mood of the person taking the test.

The cognitive domains assessed are:

  • Executive function - Central control, planning, strategy, and flexible thinking
  • Processing speed - The ability to perform mental tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Attention - The ability to concentrate and actively process information
  • Working memory - How we hold information while processing or acting on it
  • Episodic memory - Memory of events and experiences: what happened, where and when


  • Strong encryption ensures patient confidentiality
  • Simple to set up and implement on an iPad – can be administered by support staff
  • Completion time 20-30 minutes
  • Highly accurate evaluation of cognitive performance, detecting impairment even in high-functioning individuals
  • Instant, interpretive reporting allows timely follow up
  • Dedicated technical support


Adaptive touchscreen tests adjust for subjects according to level of cognitive function

Abstract stimuli ensure the tests are culturally independent

Automated and standardised administration with voiceover guidance

Automatic scoring, adjusted for age, gender and education level

CE-marked medical device. FDA exempt


The CANTAB Insight assessment

CANTAB Insight is an analytical assessment tool to enable quick and accurate measurement of brain function across five cognitive domains.

Tests are adaptive, so testing will end once a patient reaches their limit for the number of attempts for their age, gender or level of education.

CANTAB Insight also includes an optional mood assessment (the Geriatric Depression Scale or GDS-15).


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