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Timely detection of memory impairment

Healthcare professionals want to be able to identify the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory impairment so that their patients can receive reassurance or further investigations in a timely manner.

CANTAB Mobile, delivered via an iPad, combines a sensitive, touchscreen memory test, which has been used in clinical research of Alzheimer's disease for over 30 years, with a depression screen to differentiate symptoms. 

Benefits of using CANTAB Mobile

  • Detects the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory impairment and differentiate depression
  • Reassure healthy patients early on
  • Average completion time 10 minutes
  • Strong encryption ensures patient confidentiality
  • Simple to set up and implement – can be administered by support staff

'Our dementia diagnosis rate has improved from 39% to over 46%. CANTAB Mobile has raised awareness of mild cognitive impairment in primary care and acted as a stimulus to actively encourage practices to assess patients at an early stage.'

Dementia Programme Manager, Clinical Commissioning Group  



CE-marked and FDA-cleared medical device

Automated and standardised administration

Voiceover guidance in over 20 languages

Results adjusting for age, gender & education level, with instant reporting.

Dedicated technical support

'CANTAB Mobile saves time for patients and referrers. You will no longer need a full neuropsychological assessment which can take hours.'

Consultant Neurologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust   ​​

The CANTAB Mobile assessment

CANTAB Mobile is intended to be used as an adjunctive tool to assess memory by testing visuospatial associative learning in patients aged 50 – 90 years.

Memory is assessed using the CANTAB Paired Associates Learning (PAL) test, which is adaptive; testing will end once a patient reaches their limit for the number of attempts for their age, gender or level of education.

CANTAB Mobile includes two optional questionnaires, a mood assessment (the Geriatric Depression Scale or GDS-15) and an assessment of activities of daily living.

'CANTAB Mobile is fantastic. Patients have found it easy to use and the language options are very helpful.' 

General Practitioner, Kingston Health Centre

Resources for download

Download the CANTAB Mobile Brochure

Find out more about CANTAB Mobile



Download our Clinical & Scientific Review

A review of the scientific background of CANTAB Mobile


GP Poster

A poster to display in clinic to promote CANTAB Mobile assessments


Find out more about CANTAB Mobile

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