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Drug Development

Maximise your chances of success in clinical trials

Improve data quality & security

Reduce risks & increase likelihood of success

Run more efficient & cost-effective clinical research

We optimise clinical trial outcomes from proof-of-concept to post-marketing with proven, regulatory-accepted neuroscience technologies and full-service solutions. 

Enrich Clinical Trial Recruitment

CANTAB Recruit is an online trial recruitment platform helping pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies identify qualified clinical trial participants in high-need indications such as Alzheimer’s disease

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Develop Safe & Effective Treatments

CANTAB Connect offers precise, objective and reliable digital cognitive assessment solutions for pharmaceutical clinical trials in all therapeutic areas from phases I - IV

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Mobile and wearable digital health apps for high frequency real-world data collection to improve the understanding of the real-world impact of clinical interventions

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Enhance R&D Efficiency

Electronic clinical outcomes assessments, virtual trial solutions and operational process management. Cambridge Cognition offers expertise to improve research productivity and efficiency from study start to completion

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