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CANTAB Connect

Develop new treatments

Characterising cognitive signals in drug development increases the chances of success and reduces the risk of failure in trials.

Our CANTAB Connect assessment products are accepted by regulatory bodies as clinical endpoints. As a primary endpoint, our products can be used to definitively demonstrate the cognitive safety or efficacy of a compound. As secondary or exploratory endpoints, we provide cost-effective and non-invasive means of assaying brain function and patient outcomes, aiding decision-making, dose-finding and drug re-purposing.

Cognitive Safety

The industry standard for cognitive safety outcomes measurement

Assess safety

Cognitive Efficacy

Demonstrate the cognitive efficacy and functional impact of compounds

Assess efficacy

Abuse Liability

Regulatory accepted measures of drug abuse potential in clinical studies

Assess abuse liability

eCOA Questionnaires & Scales

Efficiently collect valid and reliable data from any location, with any patient.

Administer questionnaires & scales