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eCOA Questionnaires & Scales

Collect valid data and meet tight study deadlines

The collection of patient, clinician and observer reported outcomes with traditional pen and paper is resource-heavy and expensive, risking trial deadlines and increasing costs. In contrast, the electronic delivery of questionnaires and scales enables the secure and efficient collection of clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) at any location, and with any patient.

Available in multiple languages, our eCOA questionnaires and scales can be delivered worldwide on mobile phones, iPads and computers. In-house, expert study managers will configure the questionnaires and scales to your specification, including gathering and managing licenses for clinical scales, to ensure you meet tight study deadlines. 

You can use a bespoke questionnaire, or administer a universally recognised clinical scale. All responses are collected electronically, then immediately scored and uploaded to a secure database (WiFi needed), giving you access to your data in real-time.

Experience our eCOA solution for yourself

Cambridge Cognition eCOA functionality demo 

CANTAB Connect eCOA Questionnaires & Scales benefits

  • Meet tight study deadlines with fast and reliable study set up by your dedicated study manager
  • Easy questionnaires & scales licence acquisition and management, including translations
  • Collect valid data with a wide range of questionnaires & scales and configurable outcome measures available
  • Run your trial from any location on any device with multi-language, iOS, Android and desktop support
  • Allow patients to fill out the questionnaires & scales at home, without a rater being present, with web-based testing
  • Keep your data secure with HIPAA & SOC II certified cloud data storage centre
  • Ensure full regulatory compliance with a GCP, 21CFR11 and GDPR compliant provider


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