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Cognitive eCOAs

Our Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) improve the quality of the data in trial results and optimise clinical trial efficiency, improving the chances of success and minimising the risk of failure in cognitive research.

Cambridge Cognition eCOA solutions provide the world's most validated cognitive research software to improve outcomes data collection in clinical trials.

Advantages include:

Regulatory accepted, gold standard cognitive assessments on the cloud

Rapid deployment and standardised user-friendly testing across sites

Immediately accessible and clinically meaningful digital outcomes data

Secure HTTPS encryption compliant with HIPAA/GDPR, ISO and GCP standards

Experience our eCOA solution for yourself

Cambridge Cognition eCOA functionality demo 


Digital cognitive biomarkers

Our cognitive tests are used as digital biomarkers to provide more accurate and rapid data for earlier decision-making in clinical research.

The technology can be used to definitively demonstrate the cognitive safety or efficacy of a compound, enable better characterisation of drug effects on the brain and more sensitive and less invasive monitoring of change over time.

CANTAB cognitive assessments deliver objective, valid and reliable measures of cognition with outcome measures designed to reflect the activity of functional networks in the brain.

The tests provide a cost-effective and non-invasive means of assaying brain function, aiding internal decision-making, dose-finding and drug repurposing.

Computerised cognitive testing

Computerised testing

Traditional data collection methods can be time-consuming, lacking in neural and pharmacological sensitivity, and liable to data loss and human error.

CANTAB digital and touchscreen assessments enable consistent testing across all trial sites for every participant at every visit. The technology requires little to no training to administer and outcome measure data is captured, scored and securely stored automatically.

Automated test administration and electronic data capture, reduce study staff workload and remove the potential for human error, improving data quality, validity and reliability.

Ease of use

CANTAB products are designed to enable non-specialist staff to administer gold-standard neurocognitive and patient reported outcome assessments with minimal training and even for patients to self-administer without supervision.

Our technology is developed specifically to optimise ease of use for patients and sites with clear user-interfaces, standardised and automated test administration, multi-language voiceover instructions, practice modes, user feedback. computerised scoring of outcome measures and 24/7 customer support.

Cloud platforms

Cloud platforms are globally accessible and easily available. This allows for real-time collection of data from around the world, providing better access to data and accelerating clinical trial decision-making.

Our CANTAB Connect cloud platform is compliant with regulatory guidance and our assessments are accepted by industry bodies as a clinical endpoint, improving data quality and security in multi-site studies on a global scale.