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Automated administration and scoring of well-validated verbal cognitive assessments on a secure platform

With increasing pressure to deliver trials that are both representative of a patient group as well as represent the individual patient, voice technology offers a means of scaling and enriching studies.    

NeuroVocalixTM uses proprietary speech technology to scale delivery of well-validated cognitive tests. Developed by experts in computerised cognitive assessment, the technology offers reliable delivery, accurate scoring, and secure storage of voice audio.    

Voice audio brings an additional layer of understanding to cognitive assessment; a rich biomarker of both content (what is said) and acoustic properties (how it is said). The result is a fuller understanding of patient functioning at both an individual and group level.  

What are the benefits?

Time-savings: automated; scalable; no specialist staff-time or training required  

Data quality: consistent; no risk of errors at acquisition or transcription

Security: HIPAA & SOC II certified cloud storage centre

Design: repeat testing for longitudinal studies; enables multi-modal assessment 

Patient-experience: inclusive as can be delivered in patients’ homes

Infrastructure: developed and continually improved by cognitive assessment experts; 24/7 support from an experienced study management team; 100% customer satisfaction; compliance and security structures of an auditable company

Which tasks are available?

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