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Neuroscience consultancy

We provide expertise in the design, analysis and interpretation of neuropsychological endpoints in cognitive studies and clinical trials.

Our team have extensive subject knowledge expertise and experience in characterising cognition using research and analytic approaches. We help formulate and refine research questions, identify appropriate endpoints and ensure robust and sensitive outcomes measurement.

Talk to us to optimise your studies and improve your chances of research success.


Jenny Barnett
Jenny Barnett, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

kenton zavitz
Kenton Zavitz, PhD
Director of Clinical Affairs

Kiri Granger
Kiri Granger, PhD
Director of Neuroscience

francesca cormack
Francesca Cormack, PhD
Director of R&D Innovation

Nick Taptiklis
Nick Taptiklis
Head of Technology

Peter Annas
Peter Annas, PhD
Director of Clinical Sciences

Jack Cotter
Jack Cotter, PhD
Senior Scientist
Andy Keavey
Andy Keavey, MSc
App Developer / Computer Scientist
Nathan Cashdollar
Nathan Cashdollar, PhD
Director of Digital Neuroscience
Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker, PhD
Senior Statistical Scientist
Pasquale Dente
Pasquale Dente, MSc
Data Scientist
Merina Su
Merina Su, PhD
Senior Research & Innovation Scientist
Matthew Hobbs
Matthew Hobbs, MSc
Digital Health & Innovation
Millie Lowther
Millie Lowther, MSc
Operational Scientist
Rosa Backx
Rosa Backx, MSc
Operational Scientist
Barbara Sahakian
Barbara Sahakian
PhD, FMedSci, FBPsS
Senior Consultant
Co-inventor of CANTAB
Trevor Robbins
Trevor Robbins
Senior Consultant
Co-inventor of CANTAB