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Edward Millgate, PhD

Clinical Scientist


Ed joined Cambridge Cognition as a Clinical Scientist following his PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology in the Department of Psychosis Studies at King's College London. His project concerned the relationship between cognitive deficits and antipsychotic treatment response in first episode psychosis and treatment resistant schizophrenia samples. Throughout his PhD, Ed gained experience in being part of numerous collaborations, most notably that of the international collaborative effort of the STRATA-G (Schizophrenia: Treatment Resistance and Therapeutic Advances) study, which aimed to identify cognitive, genetic and clinical predictors of treatment response in first episode psychosis. 

During this time Ed also worked as a Visiting Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at City, University of London as well as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist in an outpatient clinic for psychosis. Ed received his BSc in Psychology from King's College London in 2018 with his dissertation concerning the relationship between alexithymia and interoception within an EEG (electroencephalogram) paradigm.

In joining Cambridge Cognition Ed brings his expertise and understanding of collecting, analysing and summarizing cognitive and clinical data within schizophrenia and other psychosis-related disorders.

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