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Kiri Granger PhD

Director of Neuroscience

Dr. Kiri Granger

As Director of Neuroscience, Kiri advises global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on the selection and successful integration of cognitive testing into their clinical trial programmes for CNS and non-CNS disorders. Since joining Cambridge Cognition in 2015 Kiri has worked with over 50 drug development companies and has been the lead scientist on a number of successful programmes. Kiri also takes a leading role on Research & Development activities for psychiatric disorders in collaboration with biopharma companies and academic institutions, with a particular focus on improving clinical trial methodologies to enhance study success and bringing a drug to market.

Kiri holds an Honorary Assistant Professorship at the University of Nottingham, in the Department of Psychology, where she is involved in on-going collaborative projects following her PhD research which explored cognitive and behavioural markers of schizophrenia and anxiety disorders, to better understand the origins of symptom expression and to optimise the design of novel pharmacological and behavioural treatments.

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