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Pasquale Dente MSc

Data Scientist

Pasquale joined Cambridge Cognition in the Summer of 2016, where he develops algorithms for reproducible data analysis, predictive models and company hackathons. He has solid experience in the application of computational methods to behavioural and social sciences, with an emphasis on Machine Learning models and Bayesian Data Analysis, and experimental design.

Pasquale has applied his expertise to clinical- (psychiatric unit), as well as, laboratory- settings (Human Robot Interface). In addition, he consults on data analysis, data engineering and data technologies.His main academic interests relate to the application of computational and statistical methods to the analysis of biosensors data (e.g. wearable devices) and non-verbal behaviours, especially facial expressions. He is also a certified Facial Action Coding System Coder (FACS).

Pasquale trained for his MSc, Magna cum Laude, in Applied Cognitive Psychology at the University of Bologna, Italy. He is currently finishing his PhD Dissertation in Experimental Psychology (Dept. of Psychology and Methods, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany).