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WEBINAR: Optimizing clinical trials with patient-centric digital health technology

Join our webinar on Monday 22nd October, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. EDT, with Director of Digital Neuroscience Dr Nathan Cashdollar, and Senior Director of Product Innovation at ICON Marie McCarthy, to discover which technologies hold the most promise for revolutionizing clinical trials in psychiatry and how to successfully operationalize these digital solutions.  

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What are the key learning points?

  • How digital health can streamline clinical trial workflow and enrich overall trial quality
  • Overcoming the key challenges, and maximising the benefits, of measuring cognition remotely with mobile digital health apps
  • Optimizing the use of active and passive digital cognitive biomarkers in clinical trials to conduct patient-centred virtual research
  • Leveraging the latest advances in biological sensory technology for remote devices to conduct high-frequency, naturalistic assessments at scale

Who should attend?

Biopharmaceutical researchers and CRO professionals who are working to develop and commercialize patient-centric clinical trials by leveraging the latest technological advancements, particularly those working in:

  • Research & development 
  • Drug development
  • Medical affairs
  • Market access
  • Patient engagement
  • Digital health

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