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Enabling real world digital health

Conduct virtual clinical trials, patient-centric research and identify digital biomarkers

We develop validated digital health solutions, applying leading neuroscience to the latest technologies to improve clinical operations, data collection and patient experience.

Run virtual clinical trials

The data you collect is the difference between success and failure.

We develop technologies that let you collect more data, more frequently - improving your ability to detect subtle drug effects which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Our digital health platforms are making siteless clinical trials a reality, reducing global operational costs and accelerating study timelines.

With our virtual study software, we enable the collection of clinically meaningful data anytime, anywhere, improving the validity of research with real world evidence.

Conduct patient-centric research

Traditional research methods require participants to fit their lives around a study’s rigid timelines.

Our digital health platforms enable you to put participants at the centre of research.

We create engaging user experiences to deliver validated outcomes assessments on technologies that your participants are familiar with. This keeps everyone engaged with the study, leading to better quality data.

And by enabling the assessment of endpoints anytime, anywhere, participants can fit your study around their busy lifestyles to maximise compliance and retention.

Identify novel digital biomarkers

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are undergoing a technological transformation, leveraging new tools to generate and track novel data.

We develop validated digital biomarker technologies, translating multiple data sources into informative, actionable insights.

Our platforms enable the collection of passive and active data through engaging digital health apps.

By combining physiological, cognitive, behavioural and verbal measures, we capture meaningful and objective data in a cost-effective way. This enables you to better characterise behaviour and clinical symptoms to identify digital biomarkers for your treatments.

Detect, triage and stratify patients

Early detection is vital to prevent illness and improve treatment outcomes. But traditional assessment methods are often invasive, too expensive to scale or lack the sensitivity to detect early signs of decline.

Our scalable assessment technologies are proven to detect the earliest cognitive impairments associated with neurological and psychiatric conditions, enabling timely intervention to improve treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Using digital biomarker technology we characterise cognition to triage and stratify patients. This is helping health systems to operate more efficiently and to match patients to personalised medicines, further enhancing treatment response and improving clinical outcomes.