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Gold standard cognitive research

Sensitively assess all cognitive domains and publish high impact research

We are home to the world’s most sensitive and most validated digital cognitive assessments, CANTAB®

Publish high impact research

Research of the brain and neuropsychology is one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas of study. We are home to the world's most validated cognitive research software.

Our assessments are an internationally recognised gold standard for the assessment of cognitive function, brain circuitry and neurochemical systems.

CANTAB Research products support thousands of research studies and academic collaborations globally.

Investigators use our technologies to improve the ease and validity of cognitive assessment in more than 120 different indications, resulting in over 2,000 peer reviewed publications and over 100,000 citations – more than any other research software.


Assess all areas of cognition

Cognitive function can be affected by many factors and provide an early indicator of disease.

Cognitive assessment offers an accessible and straightforward method for studying the effects of genetic and environmental factors on the brain in health and in disease.

Our cognitive research technology enables the simple, objective and validated assessment of cognition in clinical populations.

CANTAB tests are sensitive to changes across all cognitive domains, throughout the lifespan, providing consistent measures without cultural bias.


Select the right research tools

Many of the world's biggest challenges are conditions associated with core cognitive problems, which represent key targets for clinical research, early intervention and treatment.

With an increasing medical need and strong competition for funding, it is important to use proven, objective research tools with excellent psychometric properties.

CANTAB technology is respected by the global scientific community for its reliability, validity and sensitivity to maximise detection of cognitive impairments and the effects of interventions.

This reputation has helped CANTAB Research software support thousands of successful research funding bids and become the technology of choice for leading cognitive researchers around the world.