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Improving clinical trial outcomes

Optimise patient selection, trial design and eCOA signal detection

We optimise clinical trial outcomes from proof-of-concept to post-marketing with proven, regulatory-accepted neuroscience technologies and full-service solutions.

Select the right participants

Successful clinical trials rely on identifying the right participants. However, finding, recruiting and retaining patients is expensive and a leading cause of trial delays.

We make patient selection easier for everyone. Our services enrich and accelerate recruitment using cost-effective digital technologies to engage and pre-screen participants at scale online, in the comfort of their own home.

Using validated digital outcome assessments, we sensitively screen against inclusion and exclusion criteria so you can select the right participants virtually and in real time, reducing at-site screen failures.

Participant selection

Improve clinical trial design

A robust clinical trial design is essential to achieve a successful outcome. With design methodologies evolving rapidly, it is important to use the latest best-practice to establish data integrity and credibility throughout.

We specialise in improving all aspects of neurocognitive outcome assessment and patient-centred study design.

Our team of consultants, neuroscientists and statisticians are experienced in optimising trials in over 100 therapeutic areas with a holistic approach to improve study outcomes.

From protocol design to patient selection, data collection and analysis we maximise the likelihood of positive trial outcomes.

Scientific consultancy

Strengthen signal detection

Better-characterised cognitive signals and patient outcomes increase the chances of successful treatment targeting and reduces the risk of late-stage failure.

Our industry-leading and regulatory-accepted eCOA platforms accelerate safe, effective and efficient pharmaceutical research and development.

As a primary endpoint, our products can definitively demonstrate the cognitive safety and efficacy of a compound.

As secondary or exploratory endpoints, we provide cost-effective and non-invasive means of assaying patient outcomes and brain function, aiding decision-making, dose finding and drug re-purposing.

Understand exactly what your drug is doing in the brain with our gold standard eCOA technology.

Demonstrate treatment outcomes